Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mau rakau 2015

Our first mau rakau class started last week taken by Mr Gemmell. We realised that a number of students forgot about our after school practise so we are hoping for a few more students this week.

We had a very special presentation during our first class also. We have one student who is now Year 8 who attended last years classes. His name is Iisa Salie. Mr Gemmell and I wanted to do something special for Iisa because of his dedication and commitment shown last year. Iisa now has his very own taiaha which was named by Mr Gemmell - It's name is 'Tira', maybe you can ask Iisa about Tira?

We look forward to seeing the development of our students mau rakau skills. So, watch this space!  They are currently learning the Ahai.

Iisa with "Tira" his new taiaha

Mau rakau 2015

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