Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wānanei Whānau!!!

These beautiful Tamariki had been working so hard all week on their charts, filling them up with Ticks, Smiley faces, Positive Comments and stickers all over the place!!!!

At the end of the week they decided to come to the Whare Fono and show Whaea Saf how proud they were of all the good mahi they had achieved.
We just had to take a pikitia to put on our blog.

I am SO proud of all of you...thank you for sharing with Whaea Saf xx

Royal Family

Kia Kaha
Bubble Gum!!!!

Our Kura was so blessed on Wednesday 27 July to have the one and only 
"Bubble Gum Hip Hop Dance Crew" all the way from the "Royal Family's Palace"
come and share a few sets in front of our whole school.
Tau kē Kotiro Mā!!!

They are off to Las Vegas next week to compete at the World Hip Hop Championships 2016.
Thank you all so much "Bubble Gum" for coming and sharing your talent and passion with us...Wishing you all the best and the safest travels on your journey...

Experience is Knowledge is Wealth

Get it Girls!!!!

Mauri tū!!!! Mauri Ora!!!
Arohanui Bubble Gum!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Tena Koe Julieanna

Julianna just wanted to share a picture that she created last night on Hyperstudio. She said Whaea Saf is a nice teacher and have been teaching her lots of Maori actions and songs. xxooxx from Julianna. 

Arohanui Julieanna!!!
I love your Pikitia!!! 
Nga Mihi atu ki a koe xx